Sumayyah Franklin leading her workshop "Getting Down My Yoni"

"Getting Down With My Yoni" is such a transformative experience. Each workshop allows participates to shatter the misconceptions of the female sacred portal by learning, sharing and exploring various practices of womb healing= self love. This workshop dives into the yoni from many different levels. We're talking the connections between the psychosomatic, metaphysical, anatomic function of the womb. It got deep diving into dialog of the touch, taste, smell of her. Can we say rites of passage? #forreal.  

I've taken the workshop multiple times before & came in with the intention to just document. Me and my little one biked around town & slid in at the beginning of the mediation. I was like perfect timing.  At this point I'm pumped, talking to myself like, "Yes, I will take this moment to take a breathe", I sat & listened, Sumi continued to guide us along a clearing journey & my mental continued, "This feels nice! Let me actually take off my backpack and really get comfortable....." As Sumi's voice flowed, I became more mindful of the energy within my body. Once she suggested that we hugged ourselves the flood gates broke through. #dontholdyourbreath, yes, I cried. I was only there like 15 minutes. The information was so on point. Digestible, Clear, Applicable. I already know the book is going on the altar next to Sydney Cain's "Cosmograms", Queen Afua & "In Our Terribleness".

It is always amazing to be in such an intimate setting with so many dynamic beings. The magic was powerful in there. I learned from every person. About sharing, being carefree, openly orgasmic, the mind womb vortex, how to be graceful  & how to add some spice to my new favorite feel good dance. ( I think it's called the mop, its like your mopping the ground). anyway.#hipsswirl

"Getting down with my Yoni: connecting and reconnecting with our most sacred selves" 
This workshop will covers tips trick and tools for healing both physical and spiritual ailments and imbalances pertaining to our Yoni's. We  create a sacred space together to honor the divine feminine in all of us. A package with detailed explanations from the course is provided and only available by attendance. 

Some topics that are covered:

Meditation to connect and reconnect with our Yoni's
Root and sacral... chakra alignment movements
What makes and angry vagina?
"the strong pussy"
Healing self-esteem and self-efficacy
Looking in the mirror
Foods and herbs that makes "her" happy
Yoni steams
Yoni eggs
How to hug your womb
cleaning, clearing, and cutting cords
Sacred Anatomy

********About The Facilitator*********

Sumayyah Franklin is a doula, an aspiring midwife, an organizer, and an artist. She is deeply humbled by the power of birth and aspires to primarily serve those least likely to have access to her services. She has been studying pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period since high school. She jokingly says that she first practiced as a doula when she was 3 years old, when her aunt gave birth to her first baby cousin. However, she has been a professional doula for well over 5 years. Her background as an artist, organizer, and an educator greatly informs her practice and extends out into her work as a facilitator. 

In five years she hopes to be practicing as a midwife, a mother, and traveling around the world. Also, to have figured out her role in closing the gap in health deparities that plague the Black, POC, poor, queer, incarcerated, disabled and trans* communities. She is a visionary and determination fuels her as she treks on her path. 

"I think that as oppressed and marginalized people, the most revolutionary thing we can do is heal," said Franklin. "If we obtain holistic lifestyles, we ... allow ourselves to thrive and get to a place where we don't have to fight anymore because we're whole." says Franklin.