CNTRL + Shift : Xango Eyee Video Feature

A House of Malico Production

Directed + Produced by : Queens D. Light and Sasha Kelley

Cinematography+ Editing + Animation by : Lala Openi

2nd Camera + Asst. Producer : Taylor Mosley

CTRL+Shift is a video project that uplifts the challenges, successes, and nuanced life experiences of professionals of color working in tech.Created so at-promise Bay Area youth can see themselves reflected in an industry which is taking over an increasingly gentrified Bay Area, CTRL+Shift gifts them a competitive edge and confidence to pursue a career which allows them to prosper in the place where they were born and raised.

This post features Xango a the sixth of eight children, an army veteran, has hand tattoos down to their fingernails, a G.E.D., and refuses to wear suit pants to meetings. On paper, they are not the quintessential successful person in tech but, has built apps for governments around the world, such Canada, Afghanistan, and Japan.

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