Las Brujas Radio - Ep15 - Native Palms Nutrition w/ Lyssandra Guerra

On this episode LBR invites Oakland native, Lyssandra Guerra to talk about her practice as a nutritionist.

Lyssandra Guerra has a diverse background in the healing arts, holistic nutrition, health coaching, energy kinesiology, and chakra therapy. Through her own health struggles, Lyssandra has gained a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. She now specializes in Digestion and Detoxification and their effect on Skin and Hormonal Health. She is also passionate about helping others to cultivate healthy eating and living and achieving a positive mindset so they can live out their dreams and desires. She understands that untreated imbalances in these areas lead to illness, dis-ease, low confidence, self-esteem, and lack of vitality.

Lyssandra offers individual sessions and packages with the goal to advise and guide her clients to heal their body's naturally. In her sessions, Lyssandra listens to her clients needs and through meticulous detective work, her intuition, and her many tools she offers an in-depth look of what the body needs for balance and healing. She combines her roles as a nutritionist, health coach and an energy kinesiologist to see the whole picture -- what is going on in the body, mind, and spirit. Lyssandra is compassionate in her work, offering insightful and informative analysis with action-oriented, measurable and realistic steps to help her clients achieve their health goals.

Lyssandra values building a community based around health and wellness and in educating others on alternative medicine. She has led Wellness Salon, Wellness Wednesdays, nutrition and chakra workshops, and currently leads monthly New Moon Walk + Talks 🌙✨ Alongside her areas of expertise, Lyssandra’s other special interests include brain and memory health, libido and mood, physical fitness & exercise, meditation and kundalini yoga.