“U” / Openi

“U” is a confession. A love letter. A reflection. A monologic declaration of love. A telling of a tale of the evolution of a deep infatuation.

Openi is an introverted, introspective, Chinese-diasporic queer on the cusp of a solar return who has fallen head over heels in love. We find Openi sitting, reflective, ruminating. Suddenly, we are transported through time and space, as memories flood in as spoken word spins in their head like a wax record, hand-selected for their lover to recall incantations of sweet nothings, in an attempt to declare their love.

Line by line, the record skips between past and present, as they break down the intricacies of their infatuation. It appears they have stumbled upon their personal holy grail of relationships: someone of deep, heart-wrenching, soul-feeding significance, and with whom they share so much chemistry that it seems too good to be true. Have they finally found their soulmate? 

This autobiographical self-portrait explores themes of lust, idealism, non-attachment, and the notion of the meeting of soul-mates as both an intensely gratifying and autodidactic experience.

This experimental documentary is straight out of the pages of Openi’s journal. It is a love letter to a former lover, dedicated on film. It was written, produced, performed, and executed by QTPOC, API and POC cast and crew in Chinatown, Honolulu.