In conversation with the House of Malico : Ritual, Reflection and Release

By Eda Yu

Photography by Carina Moreno
For Wine & Bowties

Queens says, “A cool thing about all of us having different skills is that it allows us to have a greater impact in the way our society exists right now. We take something that might be monumental, and we break it down — kind of like ants — into something more feasible and doable. But with each person contributing what their strengths are and what excites them.”

“We all have our own specialities and preferences,” Sasha begins. “But a big part of Malidoma collective, and now House of Malico, is that we’re very rooted in collaboration. When it comes to coming up with a concept and creative direction, it tends to be all of our minds coming together.”

Since then, the collective has gone on to create remarkable waves in the local community. For Sasha, the impact has been “really affirming. It’s been a lot of growth. In 2012, there wasn’t that plethora of women of color collectives or safe spaces. That didn’t exist then.” 

“And yeah, the ripples,” Queens reflects. “The ripples that happened have been amazing. We see so many women building together and making it a priority to build with each other in the Bay…Women are the shit, and we’ve been that. And we don’t have to look at each other as competition. We can link up and make things better together.”

As the House of Malico has grown in size and impact, the women have also found ways to set boundaries for how people interact with their space and work — especially in situations where mindfulness might not be the top priority. For FEELS in particular, they’ve worked directly with the curators to think about how to honor the installations and work even after the party’s begun.

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