Spellin Spells

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Thank you everyone for supporting & bein brave enough to share your #FFLYYstories! It's been hella beautiful to connect with yall about what you've overcome to get where u at. And it's interesting that for so many of us, it's been harder than we thought to think of something we're really proud of. I think that with so much goin on in the world, and with life moving so fast, it's easy to slip into the habit of feeling like we're not enough (but fuck that), we're not doing enough, we have so much work to be done (I mean, there is. but still)... it's hella important that we DO remember all that we HAVE accomplished. To honor that. Do a lil happy dance every now & again (:
If you're on 'āina, come thru tonight to @arkoftheunicorns 6-9P to cop a pin & share your story! I'll be holdin space for portraits & will have #SPELLINSPELLS on the walls for your viewin pleazuur. πŸ™ƒ