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The first Offical Honolulu Pride Exhibit Centering QTIPOC Art

Imagine the walls covered in the faces of brown queers who are too young to attend the party. People who can’t attend queer activities because they’re forced to remain in the closet. People who are queer and proud, but can’t afford to miss work to come to a parade. Queer brown punks. Queer emcees. Queer artists. Queer people whose idea of a good time doesn’t include partying or getting drunk, but reading books or gardening. People who live in the country who have their own queer communities outside of the urban center of Honolulu.

Lgbtqi+ is not a monolithic group; it encompasses people of different gender identities, ethnic backgrounds, belief systems, life experiences, and presentations. We are also often made to feel left out of both consideration and conversation within media, institutional programming, healthcare, ownership of public space, etc. But one thing unifies us: we are multifaceted, and we are beautiful. 

ALSO HERE is a show of portraits, artworks, and stories of, by, and featuring LGBTQI+ People of Color, inserting ourselves into the narrative with pride, for Honolulu Pride 2018.

Sponsored by Hawai‘i LGBT Legacy Foundation.

Created, curated, and produced by Lala Openi.