"Rites of Passage" Installation for The Black Woman is God


Rites of Passage is a social practice project depicting contemporary archetypes of divinity & modern forms of initiation, through various mediums including : photography, performance, installation arts, fashion & film.

A major component of Rites of Passage is the ritual that can be found in the process of women collaborating . Within this act, each sharer(s) is vulnerable enough to express the inner dialogue of their identity in relation to self and the divine.

The social engagement of Rites of Passage begins with initial contact between the creator(s) & the sharer(s). In this connection sharer(s) are able to define their inner­god(dess). In the process, some identify with knowledge, beliefs systems, personal histories, & bloodline(s). Whereas, others express a pure feeling of whimsical, freedom & strength.

This installation has been incubated within this momentous energy.

We want to thank all of the wonderful beings that have work within the installation :

Sasha Kelley : Photography & Installation Curation
Dani Vicc : Costume Design, Sculptural Pieces, Art Direction
Alfalfa Brown + Jetia Deity : Rites of Passage Portrait Subjects
Karen Senefuru : Geometric Tapestry in Rite of Passage Portrait
Lala Openi + Barakah Aly + Christian Eddings : Video Piece
Queens Dlight + Melinda James : Video Piece
Sumayyah Franklin : Yoni Portraits
Sydney Cain : Cosmic Painting Wall Design
Dani Vicc + Kalima : Ladybug With No Spots Performance, Nightlights