Rites of Passage

“Rites of Passage” 
is a social practice project depicting contemporary archetypes of divinity & modern forms of initiation, through various mediums including : 
photography, performance, installation arts, fashion & film. 

The project is created for the world to bare witness to this present moment in history, where women of color are transforming by embodying their own ideas, beliefs, & images of god.

A major component of "Rites of Passage" is the ritual that can be found in the process of women collaborating. Within this act, each sharer(s)  is vulnerable enough to express the inner dialogue of their identity in relation to self and the divine. The social engagement of “Rites of Passage” begins with  initial contact between the creator(s) & the sharer(s). There is a series of questions for the share(s) to describe their inner-god(dess). In the process, some women identify with knowledge, beliefs systems, personal histories, & bloodline(s). Whereas, others express a pure feeling of whimsical, freedom & strength. 

Sasha Kelley and Danielle Keenan aka Dela are the key collaborators for "ROP", DeLa designs the wearable art and Sasha photographs the moments. Each adornment piece was personally styled for each sharer(s) in the series. Every image is a portal to a particular experience and/or world.  

Shares in order of apperance : Alfalfa Brown + Jetia Deity + Lala Openi + Queens D.Light