4 Play : A Party Formerly Known As The Mating Dance

4 Play approached us really quick with hella vigor. The House of Malico reached out to several sensual, progressive artist who celebrates and embodies non - binary sexual oriented culture. 

Within a weeks time this wonderful soiree came together. It was shocking to us to have such a healthy turn out. First reason being the name change. For two years straight The House of Malico has thrown a Valentines day party, but it was always called The Mating Dance. However, we switched gears a bit to facilitate a more free flowing space that would provide a deeper sensual experience for lovers across the POC spectrum while also fundraising for Mother Health International a Ugandan Birthing Center. Enough of the background though, lets get to the meat shall we? So, Urban Stitch hosted us in their beautiful glass venue. Alana, the owner helped us feel immediate comfort with her angelic nature as we hung up art work by Sage Stargate and Moxie, as well as a long silver stripping pole that we will talk about later. Jetia Deity came through and started us off with very body roll worthy jams. As the glass palace began to fill with the most divine people Oakland has to offer, we couldn’t help but to increasingly get more excited, maybe it was the G-Spot Jello Shots, but things got hot and heavy swiftly. Soon after a league of Trans - Goddess swarmed the spot along with Jasmine Infinity. She literally had the whole party jumping like a Destiny Child video. From tuting, twerking to voguing every -bo-dy was moving. Just as we planned. Even though we promoted it as a QTPOC party, it was evident that some cis and non - POC folks came through which was cool to see we have so many allies supporting the movement. The night got even thicker and more steamier than imagined, our good friend India came all way through to give the children a lesson in strength and beauty with her euphoric pole dance. If not for a stranger clinching my back to see the goddess twirl with no hands, I would be convinced that I was in a dreamy magic city fantasy. The entire performance was really artistic and engaging. Every eye was on India for 5 solid minutes straight, not to mention you could barely hear the music with all the crowds rants of encouragement for her to continue going in. Just when I thought I could not possibly elevate any further Namaste Shawty got to the DJ booth. She slayed with a fun hour ofbay area hits and ATL booty shaking theme songs.  I’d like to her set “1996 Yay Area Freaknic” or something of that nature. All in all the night was a total success; we raised a good amount of money by raffling off a beautiful Sage Stargate piece and collective carried in the name of love; what more could a Sistah ask for on Valentines day?


Dj Sets By : @namaste_shawty | @jasmine_infiniti | @jetia_deity
Sacred Pole Piece By: @meowdown of @bodywavescollective

Exhibiting Artist  : @artworkbymoxie + @sagestargatearth
Flier Illustration : @dvntphnk
Flier Design : Queens Dlight