#UGODS Exhibition

As a women of color collective we convene space to celebrate the spectrum of womanhood in art, social movement, health and community work. Our events are rooted in intentional experience, with a heavy focus on interactive artwork and participant engagement.

U-GODS is a multi-media art project presented by the artists of the Malidoma Collective that will include original artwork, ongoing installations, a healing space, as well as a series of community workshops. All of the compounds are being brought together to take the artistic and intellectual works of women of color out of the margins, converting them into tangible and interactive platforms. 

U-GODS empowers creative women of color by increasing the visibility of their visions and voices. By creating multiple forms of artistic expression and media representation we offer relevant reflections of this historically oppressed community at its current state. Furthermore, U-GODS will be used to engage a broader demographic in revolutionary conversations, regarding race, gender, and spirituality, in physical and virtual form.

U-GODS is rooted in the exploration of various concepts of divinity, influenced by ancient indigenous cultures, analog minimalism, afro-surrealism, and black futurist movements.

featured artists  

Sasha Kelley, Curator & Exhibiting Artist
Lala Openi , Exhibiting Artist, Event Documentarian with Veuxdo Child Films
Sumayyah Franklin, Installation Artist, Getting Down With My Yoni Workshop facilitator
Queens Dlight, Performing & Exhibiting Artist
2AM, Exhibiting Artist & Nu Moon Workshop Facilitator
Aqueene Simran,  Installation Artist
Tashiana Colston, Exhibiting Artist & Black Magic Yoga Instructor
Jjaahz, Exhibiting Artist
Jazz Hudson, Exhibiting Artist
Sakiko Hill, Exhibiting Artist
Womyn's Creative Collective, Sistar Cypher Host
Akima Brackeen, Poster Designer
Jetia Deity, DJ