CNTRL + Shift : Xango Eyee Video Feature

CTRL+Shift is a video project that uplifts the challenges, successes, and nuanced life experiences of professionals of color working in tech.Created so at-promise Bay Area youth can see themselves reflected in an industry which is taking over an increasingly gentrified Bay Area, CTRL+Shift gifts them a competitive edge and confidence to pursue a career which allows them to prosper in the place where they were born and raised.

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Regarding Our Feature in the Eastbay Express

July 17th we ran to the news stands to see an article in which we were featuring in the Eastbay Express. While we left feeling very excited from the initial interview reading the article left us feeling uneasy. We responded to the writer with an email addressed thanks, typos & discrepancies. The following is an expert from that email

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The House of Malico
Sisters With Invoices X The House of Malico

To celebrate The Manifesto Exhibition & Alignment Festival we had a closing conversation with SWI (SistersWithInvoices). SWI centers education around giving space to hear the life story of Black creative Womxn in the Industry and allies. Within this convo The House of Malico shared their beginning to now. The event was an open floor for exchanging tools, knowledge, wisdom.

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