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Alignment Festival

As womxn of color, we know perspective is everything, and that the key to (equitable) thriving is alignment. So, we’ve created Alignment Festival, a month-long offering to you, our community, produced by us at The House of Malico. Alignment Festivals is built upon 5 Pillars of Alignment, a manifesto we created to produce racial, social & economic equity within Black, Brown & QTIPOC (queer, trans, intersex people of color) communities.

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The Manifesto: Exhibition Opening

a contemporary art installation exhibiting works from the woc at The House of Malico.

March 1st, 2019, 6PM - 9PM :
Qulture Collective, 1714 Franklin st.

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Hosted by the Homies:
Community Resource Mapping Project w/ Macrowaves

is a hyper-local potluck event encouraging artist collaboration over the exchange of intimate conversations, interactive activities, and good food.

March 9th 2019, 5PM - 10PM

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Twerk 4 Mother Earth:
The Official Empowering Womxn of Color Conference After Party

is an independent music platform born from the qtipoc & bipoc tastemakers. Twerk 4 Mother Earth is building a community that supports artist promoting an inclusive, consent-based culture. This months T4ME is the official after party for the Empowering Womxn of Color Conference. Live stream by Lower Grand Radio.

March 16th, 2019, 10PM - 2AM

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Creativity Workshop w/ Emily Mclean

focuses on empowering our natural creative tendencies, by changing negative internal/ social narratives. Self-acceptance is core to the theory behind this workshop. Believing that everyone is truly original and creative; we just have to get out of our own way. While looking deeper at our own processes and creative styles, this workshop will help to illuminate what creativity means to the individual. We will be exploring concepts and theories that touch on mindfulness, cognitive psychology, and internal family systems. Using the complimentary workbook provided there will be group activities/discussions, writing prompts, and a take home journal to encourage creative discovery beyond this workshop. Snacks and beverages will be provided .

March 23rd 2019, 2PM - 5PM

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Getting Down With My Yoni Workshop w/ Sumi’s Touch

uses movement, reflection and discussion as tools for connecting and reconnecting with our most sacred selves. This health and wellness workshop is centered in healing both physical and spiritual ailments/imbalances pertaining to our Yoni's. Together, we will create a sacred space to honor the divine feminine in us all.

March 30th 2019, 10AM - 1PM

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“Writing To / From / For the Margins” Workshop
w/ Shah Noor & Fatima Nasiyr

creates a dynamic space for writers of color and folks from marginalized racial-ethnic identities by utilizing liberatory pedagogies and creative inquiry to support storytelling in a collaborative and brave-safe environment. While engaging with critical thinkers and black feminist writers, this workshop will aid attendees in developing their writing skills through somatic studies and embodiment techniques to help channel their creativity. They will learn constructive, effective methods for critiquing and improving their art practices via experiential learning and case studies. We will include activities such as meditation, collective readings, embodied movement, free writing, group discussions, art critique sections, and one-on-one peer review.

March 30th 2019, 2PM - 5PM

Featured Artist

Yani Mo, Palomx, Fela Kutchii, Namaste Shawty, Silkxee, Sweetest Threat, Mousetwat, Sasha Kelley, Lala Openi, Charmaine Davis, Sakiko Hill, Selah Brown, Ariana Faye Allensworth, Akima Brakeen, Feven Ezra, Odilcia Balondola, Divya Faria, Dani Vicc, Shah Noor Hussein and Alex Burrell, Emily Mclean


Lower Grand Radio
Fatima Nassor
Sisters With Invoices
Sumi's Touch

2019 Partners

Qulture Collective
Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive
Empowering Women of Color Conference


Akonadi Foundation
EastSide Arts Alliance & Cultural Center
The Zellerbach Family Foundation
Berkeley Women of Color Initiative


Twerk 4 Mother Earth :
an independent music platform born from the qtipoc & bipoc tastemakers in the Oakland scene. twerk 4 mother earth is building a community that supports artist promoting an inclusive, consent-based culture.   

Shake it Without Shame at Twerk 4 Mother Earth
by Nastia Voynovskaya

"The upcoming West Oakland party promotes self-love, mindfulness, and carefree fun — for everyone, but especially Black women and queer people — at a time of immense political strife."


Spectrum :
a multi-media series exploring contemporary issues impacting the social, cultural and mental health of Black People.

Elements :
a free 3 day retreat supporting Black, Brown and Queer creatives that use art/activism to advance social, racial and economic equity. 


Las Brujas Radio :
an audio-journal archiving our experiences as queer Latinx and Black women in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area.The show explores the intersections of spiritual practices, identity, and resistance.



Malidoma Collective was built among women with intersecting experiences. It is our intersections that make us unique; we are centered on authentic expression that is therapeutic, both to create and to bare witness to. Our collective practice is curating healing spaces that create shifts in the way our culture exists. Our community has given us ample praise for our heart-work. Our efforts have also been recognized across the country and by NYC based Interrupt Magazine, which listed us as the “Top Collective Putting on For the Bay.” The group and its members are an integral piece of Oakland’s social and cultural fabric.” - Wine and Bowties. “They’ve successfully cultivated a cohesive vision that prioritizes community and creativity.” SFWeekly / Best up and coming Art Collective. “[Malidoma Collective] is asking the questions and making the provocations that will shape the future of American culture”- YBCA


this is a Malidoma production