The House: CC Swan- Awkward Movement

On the weekend of April 13th The House of Malico hosted their very first Elements retreat. Accepting eight applicants who are advancing social, racial, and economic equity through their art and activism. This three day retreat was a testament to the power of intentional space bringing together a cohort of black, brown and queer women to further strengthen community and to contemplate solutions to some of the hardest obstacles we face today.

The series features Interviews the retreats participants. Curious about their wellness practices, and what keeps them going as they pursue their art and activism.

CC Swan (@dvntphnk) is an artist that uses a tapestry of mediums to convey her insights, and observations. A unique thinker her internal world is rich and engaging. She is on a mission to engage with other artist within the community to create impactful and meaningful work.

Emily McLean